Dialysis Access Center (DAC)

Dialysis Access Center

The Dialysis Access Center in Oakland was founded in 2001 as a collaboration of Chabot Nephrology and East Bay Nephrology.

Your vascular access is vital for the maintenance of effective hemodialysis.

Our interventional nephrologists, Dr. Rishi and Dr. Dierks provide advanced vascular procedures to ensure the patency and health of your access.

In case of any dysfunction or clotting of either an AV fistula, an AV graft or a tunneled hemodialysis catheter, we will promptly examine and assess you clinically, followed by detailed vascular imaging via injection of intravenous contrast to define the potential causes.

The most commonly encountered problem with a dysfunctional or clotted access is the presence of a narrowing also referred to as stenosis. The placement of a catheter with an inflatable balloon along the narrowed area can effectively stretch the vein or artery and restores the necessary blood flow.

Sedating medication and potent pain medication is used alone or in combination to ensure maximal patient comfort during the procedure (conscious sedation).

The Dialysis Access Center (DAC) is one of only 12 centers nationwide, which are accredited and endorsed by the American Society of Diagnostic and Interventional Nephrology as a National Training Program for future Interventional Nephrologists.

Our goal is to ensure effective outpatient procedures in an efficient, timely, cost-effective and convenient way, while maintaining our excellent safety record. This will prevent potential disruption to the dialysis treatment plan.

We are working closely with your vascular surgeons, promptly communicate and refer for a surgical intervention, if deemed necessary.

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Dialysis Access Center (DAC)
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